Under Water Sports: Best Fitness Exercise in Summer

In summer, to play sports, it’s better to play water sports or under-water sports. A sport loved by swimmers highly. Swimmers gather in numbers to participate in underwater adventurous sports.Water sports are done in open water such as lakes or artificial water pools. For playing under water sports, one has to know diving techs like breath-hold, scuba, etc. For safety, diving mask, fins and breathing equipment are provided as required.

As the name says, Aqua means Water and Athol means wrestling; Aquathlon is under water wrestling game. Two wrestlers have been wearing mask, fins and ribbons on their ankles. They wrestle under water to tear off one of the opponent’s ribbons.

It requires one to use fins or moo-fins with his muscular force to swim. Compressed air sub aqua equipment is provided as breathing equipment.

It is like taking a drive to the depth of the ocean. One has no breathing equipment with them, but only air in the lungs and ones will power to take dive to the deepest level.

Competitors hunt fish with their spear-gun under the water using breath-hold technique.

Sport diving:
Under aquatic sport uses scuba diving equipment like diving mask, fins, snorkels, diving cylinder and full body swim suit. Competitors as individuals or in team compete with each other for recreational scuba diving technique.

Underwater football:
Two teams play with rubber torpedo, a ball, to serve the goal in weighing down buckets. The match has two halves with 20 minutes of each half.

Underwater hockey:
It is played in a swimming pool in cold winter. Two teams have to push back sticking at the bottom of the pool into the opponents’ goal by using stick. Players come over water surface to take breathe as no breathing equipment is provided.

Underwater Ice hockey:
An extreme sport played under the frozen pools using all but no breathing equipment. Teams have to make a goal in opposing team with puck floating on water surface. Players are provided to breathe in the open air in every 30 seconds. A game lasts for ten minutes.

Underwater Orienteering:
Sport uses ones or team’s navigation techniques to overcome obstacles under the water. Equipment provided are diving mask, fins, open circuit scuba set, compass, distance meter, and safety buoy.

Underwater rugby:

Two teams play with a buoyant ball filled with salt water. A team has to goal in their opponent’s goal at the bottom of the pool.
Underwater target shooting:
The spear – gun is provided to the individuals or teams to target from the starting line under the water. One pick spear out of target and again target with a spear-gun till 10 rounds are fired to the target.

Underwater photography:
Person who likes both sports and photography would like it. A digital underwater camera system is provided to the teams to capture nature, arts within the depth of the ocean.As known sports make one healthy and physically fit. Underwater sports can be played in any season for own enjoyment or to showcase your talent at a national and international level. One can grab any number of adventurous sports.

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