Artificial Intelligence Examples in Our Daily Lives

Most people associate artificial intelligence (A.I.) with sci-fi films like Star Wars and Terminator, in which robots learn to think like humans. A.I. and machine learning may appear to be a fantastical, far-fetched concept, but in fact, A.I. is used in a wide range of contemporary technological breakthroughs, all of which empower us and assist us in our everyday tasks. Here are some fascinating instances of artificial intelligence at the action in our daily lives.

Apps for Navigation

Even your daily commute to and from work needs the use of artificial intelligence, believe it or not. Navigation apps like Google Maps utilize artificial intelligence to assess traffic speed. It also considers user-reported events, such as road accidents or roadworks, to estimate how long it takes you to get to your location and recommend the quickest route.

Apps for Ridesharing

Whenever you book a cab and call the cab driver, how do ridesharing applications figure out how much your journey will cost or how long you’ll have to wait? Machine learning, another type of artificial intelligence, is the answer.

Face recognition

Face recognition algorithms in apps like Snapchat, LucidPix, and Facebook have all included artificial intelligence. Face recognition is used to recognize a person’s face in the “3D Face” feature, which offers a comprehensive selfie and converts them to 3D images. Artificial intelligence is used in these applications to recognize users’ faces and apply face filters to their photos.

Recommendations for the Media

If you’ve ever completed binge-watching a TV series on Netflix, you’ve seen how the service suggests additional series you would want to watch next. After you’ve completed viewing one video, YouTube will suggest a sequence of videos you might like watching next. Based on your prior reactions and media selections, each of these digital media providers evaluates hundreds of records to recommend films, TV series and videos that you might enjoy.

Banking over the internet

Many banks now offer customers machine-learning-based mobile check deposit solutions. Banking apps can recognize and analyze your handwriting before converting it to a digital cheque. Artificial intelligence is also used to determine whether or not transactions are fraudulent. Machine learning is used by a credit scoring service, to create your credit score and analyze the vulnerability of each new customer. This information is obtained by banks to determine whether applicants are risky debtors.

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