Importance of sports

Importance of sports

Preface – Sports are a kind of physical activity, sport are the most favorite function of children. All types of sports are intimately connected with physical and mental health. Regular play helps our mental development. It serves to bring inspiration, courage, discipline, and concentration in us.

The Indian government has mandatory to play games in schools and colleges to improve mental and body health. It is very necessary and important for children to participate in any sport.

Students should be encouraged by parents at home and teachers at school. For good future sport is a very effective way. Because it paves the way for equality and good job opportunities for all.

The winner also makes the citizens of the country feel proud if they win in international sports activities. It not only encourages us but also awakens the spirit of patriotism in us. It helps in improving the physical and mental strength of the person. It maintains our physical and mental balance, sport makes our life peaceful by increasing our concentration, it also prepares us to face many difficult situations. It always keeps us healthy and wealthy. Also keeps away from the problems of drug addiction, crime, and disorders.

Types of sports – The following are the types of sports. All are played in different ways, according to their playing methods and rules, they have different names. Some famous sports, cricket, hockey (the national sport), football, basketball ball, Volleyball, tennis, running, rope jumping, high and long jump, badminton, swimming, kho-kho, Kabaddi, etc.

Sports are the best way to find profit and loss by creating a balance between body and mind, happiness and sorrow. Playing sports regularly for a few hours is very essential for the welfare of children in schools and the better future of the country.

Conclusion- Playing sports regularly keeps a person safe from many diseases and many troubles of body parts, especially overweight, obesity, and heart diseases. It increases the concentration level and memory and makes the brain full of positive thoughts. Children should never be discouraged to play the game, instead, they should always be encouraged to participate in the game.

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