Mind Sports Olympiad, Catan Tournament

If sports are made for physical fitness than they are made for mental fitness also. Mental exercise is very similar to physical exercise. Mental skill is far better than physical. Let’s know more about mind sports Olympiad.

David Levy, Tony Buzan, and Raymond Keene, co -founders of the Mind Sports Olympiad, found the mind sport in 1996. It gave mind sports an equal priority as to the physical sports. 1937 Act Amendment helped mind games to get international level by differentiating it with other board games.
Two official bodies helped in bringing Mind Sports Olympiad into existence and differentiating it from other sports. They are International Mind Sports Association (IMSA) and Mind Sports Council. Last time IMSA has organized games like contract bridge, chess, go, draughts and Xiangqi many other on the international platform of World Mind Sports Games in Beijing 2008.

Inaugural in 1997 in London’s Royal Festival Hall, MSO funded for the £100,000 prize was the biggest games festival in that particular ancient time. Formerly financial prizes were awarded which have been taken place by gold, silver and bronze medals. It was the first event in the history of mind sports for awarding medals for the mental skills of the winners. Pentamind and the Decamentathlon were the two major events held in parallel with other events.

Board members are now David Levy, Tony Corfe and Etan Ilfeld. The logo for the Olympiad has taken depiction from the potteries of around 500 BC.
The design is of Ajax playing with Achilles. Mind Sports Event has been taking place in London, Hammersmith, Loughborough, Manchester and Potters Bar up to now. It gave the mark of Olympics to hold in England annually.

Games also included chess, Go, quizzes and intelligence puzzles in itself in 2006. Championship games include: Chess, Bidge, Draughts, Shogi, Backgammon, Chinese chess , Othello, Poker, Cribbage, Mastermind, Abalone, Bōku, Continuo, Entropy, Kamisado, Lines of Action (LOA), Pacru and TwixT.

MSO is organinsing Catan Tournament, 2017 at the V&A Museum of Childhood in Bethnal Green, London. Winner will get medals with financial prizes of worth £120. The event is going to organize on Saturday, 18 March 2017. Every person in the age group of 8 to Adult can participate with £7 per person deposit.

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