We left cool when our girlfriend ditches us for some random guy. We left coolness when college gives less CGPA than what we did best out of it in our internal exams which are adding to the our semester report finally. We left cool when found our colleague has provided a raise even after our better and hard work. We even get frustrated in doing the same job work all day long for months and back off from depositing similar amount in bank on a monthly basis. We feel irritation when unknown elements promptly disturb us in our party mood.We feel humiliated when shamed for backward thoughts in front of the people. We feel humiliated for many more reasons around us as it comes back again and again in one or another way.

Thank you for reading such a long para for a minute. But following lines will introduce to what you want- a feel of relaxation from frustrated, irritated, humiliated or any other type of life you find accommodated in.

I had placed address of Bhadas Cafe in the first line which truly psychologically heel your mood swings. Yes, you read it right. The cafe has been opened at center of India in Indore. You can make up your mood by taking out anger or simply ‘Bhadas’. One will be provided objects which are generally found at home for smash, for pulling out ones’ anger on the objects provided at a specific cost.

The cafe has started just a few days back and is made with concept of anger management provided coffee, tea, snacks and much more after one feel relaxed by smashing things. One can pull one’s anger on table, chair, crockery, Televisions, Laptops, Computers, and other objects which we can’t destroy our home in fear of non-renewable sources high cost.

Atul Malikram, who runs a PR agency also, has put this concept practically to control anger and went back peacefully with smiles. Atul told about his new venture “Bhadas Cafe” on his blog starting with “First Ever Cafe in India, Where you can get overcome frustration & negative emotions”.
We feel depression, stress, anger, sadness and other negatives which are not in our control. It is human nature because of social, personal and professional relations crosswords. He says, in Indian mythology, one can control his life either by controlling oneself or bringing out feelings to the surroundings. He says, Bhadas cafe will help one to express ones negative emotions in the form of anger, cry or screams on smashing object under the security supervision.The mannequin will be provided as required for expressing anger. A corner is also there if you want to cry out in alone space. Once one gets heeled enough, then will be served snacks, coffee, tea and other eating stuffs.

He has taken the concept from Texas Melbourne where anger rooms are running successfully. Bhadas Cafe is based on the concept which will help people to overcome from anger and frustration and went back happily.

It has five more sections for other activities except smashing. These are gym-ing, painting, music and reading sections. One can note down to location detail to leave negative energy at the cafe and to take up positive energy for a rest day or a week.

Summing up Bhadas Cafe details:

Fast Food / Snacks, Tea & Coffee, Air-Conditioned, Timing 11:30 AM To 11:30 PM, Cash Payment(you have to check yourself to use PayTM)
Address: Bhadas Café, 2nd floor, 27-A, Chandra Nagar, opposite the garden, MR-9, Main Road, Indore, India – 452009

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