The great senior BJP leader and old foreign minister SMT. SUSHMA SWARAJ in her age of 67,died due to a heart attack. She got heartbreak on 6th August and on 7th August by 3 pm she will have Funeral and all the great leader of BJP, her family and loved ones will reach to her funeral to say a last goodbye and to give her a big salutation.

On Tuesday 6th August by around 9 pm SUSHMA SWARAJ was taken to the AIIMS by the leaders of BJP to the emergency ward for treatment but unfortunately, Doctors said she died due to cardiac attack. Hearing the news of death many senior leaders got shocked especially Prime minister Narendra Modi lost in a shallow sadness.

Moreover, last evening Smt. SUSHMA SWARAJ tweeted that she was waiting for the Jammu and Kashmir's special status and that day has come and she congratulated to the prime minister Narendra Modi and said- thank you so much for this gift, I was waiting for this day in my life.

Prime minister Narendra Modi also tweeted and said for the lines of SHUSHMA- she is proved to be an outstanding parliamentarian, she has admired person across the BJP party lines and no doubt, when it comes to the subject matter of BJP interest and ideology, SWARAJ contributed deeply for the growth and development.

Indian glorious part of Politics comes to an end due to SWARAJ's demise. She was one of the kinds and a great women leader with her personality. She serves better to the lives of the poor.Ultimately, she is inspirational for so many people. SWARAJ has a remarkable personality in Indian Politics.

And the words are likely less to describe her but she will always remain in the hearts of people.The country has lost the loved women of the politics and she is the women of dignity, integrity and courage in public life.
A big salutation to foreign ministry SMT SUSHMA SWARAJ from the whole nation.

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