Essential Tips to Remain Healthy in Rainy Season

The rainy season has arrived and it is a matter of rejoicing. We all go on a trip with our friends,peers and families to feel the goodness of monsoon, especially on the weekends. The rainy season has both a positive and negative aspect. Positive in the sense- it has bought so much relief from the hot rays and heat waves of a summer, brings a cool splashes of a raindrops and take away the dust from the environment and Negative in the sense- it has a bad impact on our health, it is not hygienic and brings diseases if health factor is neglected.

This is true that the first rain of the monsoon makes you relief and joyous but later on it harms the health especially if there are kids and elders at your home.

Generally, in the rainy season, we fall sick and the health issues occur like indigestion, allergies,cold, fever, fungal infections. So it becomes important to take care of the health and be careful and focused on the matter of food we intake and the activities you perform.

Tips to stay healthy and safe-

  • Avoid eating roadside food especially the Thella food because it is completely unhygienic and
    you may get stomach disorder.
  • Do not walk without your footwear because doing this may give rise to the fungal infections on your heels and feet.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol and cool beverages.
  • Dry your body, feet and clothes when you get wet in the rains. If you do not follow these, it may lead to severe fungal infection.
  • Try to avoid sitting much in air conditioners.
  • Consume the fruits but do not take fruits without washing.
  • Do not drink outside juices, lassi and tetra packed juice.
  • Try not to drink outside water because it is not purified and filtered.
  • Take bitter vegetables and use aloe vera gel for the skin purify, pimples and infections.
  • Take baths and showers regularly and try avoiding the towels of others.
  • Always keeps your hands clean and use antibacterial hand wash.

Follow the tips to remain healthy and share it with your friends and family to be safe during this rainy season.

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