Heavy Rains in Some regions of Delhi: Rains lashes brings a smile to the local ones

According to the report, there have been heavy rainfalls in some the region of Delhi NCR and Gurgaon. Due to the heavy rainfalls from the last two days, in some areas, there are waterlogging and traffic jams. IMD has also predicted that there are 90% chances of more rains in the coming two days. So holidays are declared in many schools to prevent from blockage of rains. Several parts of Delhi and Delhi NCR experienced last night heavy rain lights and peoples were scattered of light rains. Many office people got ready to leave the office earlier because of the heavy rainfall alerts. Humidity and moist was nearly about 93% and for this reason, people require torchlight to go out as there is no proper vision in the early morning.

According to the weather forecaster, the rain showers could be attributed to the northern movement of monsoon and rains are coming closer to some regions of Delhi and NCR. Also, IMD said that the city area may have a cloudy sky and moist weather. Day temperature is predicted to have a maximum of 37 Degree Celsius and a minimum of 27 Degree Celsius temperatures.

Many commuters took the rainfall prediction to the social sites for the alert.

Due to the heavy downpour, some areas of Delhi suffered from waterlogging and congestion.The weather forecaster said, on August 8th and 9th several parts of Delhi will have the thunderstone on the peak zone and the skies will be cloudy and foggy.

It is being told to the persons of Delhi via social media that do not go to the several areas where there is water logging and there are possibilities for the heavy floods where there is no slope and many hutment dwellers may face the fatal risk of loss.

According to the airways, might be there could be changes in the timings of flight due to cloudy and moist skies and heavy rains. Heavy lush rains also hit the areas of India Gate and Parliament.

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