Now Prime Minister will be seen on Discovery`s Man VS Wild Series

Good news for all the people, on the 12th of August 2019 our honoured prime minister Narendra Modi will be seen on a screen of your television on the channel discovery`s Man VS Wild series. The programme will be available in five different languages and will be seen in over 180 countries in the world. This program is hosted by the British TV adventurer Bear Grylls. The main intention of a Bear Grylls is to create awareness of the wildlife and environment changes among the people. Grylls featuring the 8th session of Man VS Wild. The teaser was revealed on Monday showing about the programme a short conversation about wildlife and the environment. The main attraction of this programme is Narendra Modi 68, is with the British TV adventurer Bear Grylls at the Jim Corbett National Park in the Northern India where you will see a tiger, an elephant and deer.

Today many regions of India is facing and struggling the environmental and wildlife challenges. Taking this as a viewpoint: PM Narendra Modi has tweeted to his followers that India is being the nation of full of lushness, greenery, lots of forest areas, over the beautiful mountains and rivers. And he created the strategy to bid awareness about overall wildlife and environmental changes and its impact on us.

In the eighth season of Man VS Wild, Grylls is facing the extreme challenges of the environment and he is navigating the remote locations around the world where more focus is needed.

Also, Grylls states that- Taking PM Narendra Modi in his episode on adventurer is honoured for me. I truly feel amazing and privileged to spend time with a great leader.And Narendra Modi you are one of the most important people for me.

Modi says; watching the episode of Man VS Wild will make every citizen visit and go for a holiday to the different parts of India. Also, PM states that when for the first time he was asked to join the special programme of wildlife on a discovery channel, PM was excited and eager to be a part of nature because this journey is quite interesting, worthy and focusing on the overall development of the environment and wildlife. So for Narendra Modi, this is one the most important opportunity to showcase the world India`s
environmental heritage and also make familiar with the importance of environment conservation. The programme depicts a short message; we should live in harmony with nature and together we are stronger.

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