Automation: The new phase of Technology

Automation is a name hovering in the minds of youth that will have a major impact on them in coming few years. Technology is changing our lifestyle in a very rapid speed that human can’t think to do race with it.

Automation is a control system to operate machines which is handed over to machines itself. Some operations are totally lost and got automated. Some say it’s a boon, yet another says it, a bane. It saves labor work for us, improves quality, efficiency and accuracy in operations.

Survey report says, in the only IT industry, that current jobs will be terminated by 2022. If one is working in IT industry, then make preparation for it from today. If you are practicing to come in then practice on new skills to be fitted in the future IT industrial environment.

It will be helpful to keep an eye on automation and implement changes accordingly. Small changes in technology made an entry of automation having a major effect on working style. We, too, have to adapt with it makes small changes in our skills. For present employees, skill-on on current trends would be suitable step. Many big companies are now providing training programs on latest developments in the industry. The number of online courses are also available for practitioners and professionals. Free or paid courses will be beneficial for both job finder and professionals. Practitioners can take courses, developed for the future needs of automation. One best thing is that one is required to operate automated machines.

Automation is not disposing all jobs, even generating new jobs in the coming future. It’s better looking for one’s interest related to the future work style in the industry and work in building future required skills.

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