Forest fires due to climate change

The title has already blamed Global Warming. Just like bad news goes around, forest fire become wild too. Wildfires captures whole area with the flow of air. For the last few years, Alaska, Indonesia, Canada, California, Spain, Portugal and France are affected by fire. According to the study, western US is major affected of with wildfires from decades. In the last few years, it is multiplied in itself, covering six times of a land area and set up for five times longer. If the situation remains worse in coming years also than it will multiply to a large numbered digit.

Accidents to blame:

Sometime human habits, carelessly tossing cigarette out, is responsible. Lighting, a natural cause too. Due to climatic change, lighting events is warmer and dryer in itself. Greenhouse gas gives rise to environment temperature leading to climate change. The warmer the temperature, due to evaporation of moisture from the soil, drier soil left out. It is also melting thick snow-bed on the high peaks of mountains. Due to warm air, wild fires breaks in whole forest and get out of control.

Effects on climate:
Pest-outbreaks have eaten most of the trees, making it vulnerable to forest to catch fire. Pastas made themselves to exist and grow in warmer areas for more reproduction. Every year, human caring and in large amount laying down trees for his own sake. Mining develops a situation to catch fire in turn to become wild fires.

Threats of forest fires:
Due to the natural increase of fire on warm land, forests get burnt out uncontrollably. We are losing our habitat in turn. Wildfires have major impact on human health also. Due to logging and burned trees, hardly an amount of forest or trees are left, which can absorb whole carbon in environment on and after wildfires. Due to continuous process of fire in forest, it will become hard to find break point of the cycle. Finding the solution is mandatory for living beings.

Affected area:

Forest areas are humid, drier and hotter. Due to global warming, uncontrollable fire affects the forest land area. The region in northern hemisphere, consisting of Alaska, Canada, Scandinavia and Russia, called Bo-real region, is much prone to wildfires. Except boreal forest, hardly two-third of forest area is left in the world.

Cycle of rising temperature, increasing greenhouse gases and firing in warm area is transforming whole life cycle of our environment. Process not last only up to summer, but is affecting the climate condition throughout the year.

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