Problems of Secondary Education in India

Generally, secondary education is the third level of education and includes up to the 10 th class. Secondary education level prepares the students for the higher secondary education i.e. 11 th and 12 th standards. besides all these, there are several problems of secondary education in India today.

Many government schools are not well managed and rest of the private schools has become extremely costly and just they charge so many rupees and in return, they do not properly provide the secondary education. Many schools do not set any organised aim of secondary education and it turns into the problem of secondary education. Secondary education provides only bookish and theoretical knowledge and no practical knowledge is conceived and this is the reason why students do not understand some important units.

There is no complete utilization of secondary education in many schools due to the negligence of the teachers and this gives rise to unemployment after the higher education.

In some of the schools, teachers only teach and go but they don’t understand that merely a bread is not enough to full-fill the stomach, although it requires something more. Likewise, merely gaining an education is not a full sense but
having the proper manners and discipline over the culture makes a full sense. Education and cultural education both goes parallel.

Many schools do not possess and includes physical activities and if includes then it is so minimal. Today students need extra physical activities to be physically and mentally fit. Alone education can’t do anything so physical
education should be emphasised.

One of the major problems of secondary education is the lack of experienced teachers and a lack of training programme. This lead to a crucial problem for secondary education students. This is the fault of the teachers that they are inefficient and not well-trained. So we India needs a vocational training programme for the teachers to make secondary education succeed.

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