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Organic food is produced without using man made fertilizers & pesticides and non GMO seeds. In some cases the organic farms are located far away from the highways to avoid pollution. Organic meat comes from birds and animals that have not been given antibiotics,growth hormones and GMO feed. Live an organic and healthy life – Digital World Updates Organic beauty and grooming products do not have parabens, phytates.

petroleum byproducts, artificial fragrances and other harmful chemicals in them. Whenever I visit USA, it is impossible to drink milk because it smells peculiar as the cows are not fed grass but are fed a cocktail of animal byproducts and the mass produced GMO corn. One has to buy expensive organic milk that comes from grass fed cows.

Unlike western nations, we in India are fortunate that GMO seeds have not yet infiltrated our food chain. Also our milch cattle like cows and buffalos are not fed animal byproducts and GMO corn. So if we make an effort to buy organic food whenever possible, then we will definitely be eating better than our western counterparts.

Organic food costs more than the usual food stuff. But you don’t exactly have to break a bank to afford it! Among the general population, there is still not enough awareness about the harmful effects of pesticide laden food and harmful preservative ridden beauty products. Ditch the refined cooking oils which have been processed by heating them to super high temperatures, thereby killing all the antioxidents, vitamins and anything of value in them to increase their shelf life. Then as a clever advertising gimmick, the oil is advertised as healthy cooking oil by addition of artificial vitamins to it. Hence it is prudent to buy filtered or cold pressed oils derived from
coconut and oilseeds like groundnut, sesame and mustard.

It is very difficult to find organic fruits and vegetables in the market. You can grow tomatoes, brinjals, beans, radishes, carrots, coriander and many more vegetables in the pots placed in the balcony or a terrace or even on a window ledge. So please buy organic food and derive maximum benefits from it. Whatever beauty product you apply on your skin is absorbed into the body. Some of the chemicals used can be carcinogenic, so it is not rocket science to understand that they are not safe to use! Turn to organic skin and hair products to remain safe and have a glowing complexion and healthy hair.

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