Alternatives to Comparing Yourself to Others

Putting oneself in a negative light by comparing yourself to others is a certain way to be unhappy. It’s a guaranteed recipe for disaster. It serves no purpose other than to keep you focused on the things of yourself and your life that you despise. We are hardwired to compare ourselves to others; in fact, doing so can help us succeed. Observing our peers’ accomplishments and talents can inspire us to establish new goals and aim higher. Comparing ourselves to others can help us come to terms with our relative skills and limitations, allowing us to focus on honing our own.

You must water your own grass: When we are concerned with other people, we are wasting time that could be spent on ourselves. We don’t develop green grass by focusing on our neighbor’s garden; instead, we focus on our own. So, rather than wasting time comparing your path to that of others, invest, create, and care for your own.

Accept your situation as it is: You can’t fix something you’re not aware of. Instead of battling or fighting your current situation, make peace with it. Say yes to every aspect of your life, and make decisions based on that.

Be thankful for everything you have: Remind yourself of what you’re grateful for whenever you feel yourself envious of what others have. Take some time to admire your loved ones. So, instead of focusing on what you don’t have, concentrate on what you do have. Be grateful for who you are; you will be blessed with more. You will never, ever have enough if you focus on what you don’t have.”

Make yourself a friend: That nasty voice in your head is capable of telling you all sorts of crazy things. Opt to be on your side instead of falling in when the harsh voice of comparison appears. Allow yourself to be relieved, soothed, and comforted. Give yourself regular motivational speeches, and don’t say anything to yourself that you wouldn’t say to a friend.

Compare yourself with you: Compare yourself to yourself if you need to make a comparison. What could you do to improve your life’s quality? What steps can you take to become a better and more loving person? What can you do today to better yourself than you did yesterday? You are the only one with whom you can make a comparison.

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