Business is nothing without Market

The market is incomplete without customer and seller, i.e. demand and supply. Physical and virtual market exist with products and services for geographical and virtual customers. Products are tangible, complete in service, perishable, consistent and packed goods and sold in a controlled environment. While on the other hand services are room for error, unique offerings, less controllable environment, presented as product, packaged offer and compete in quality alone. Both product and services have market, price, place and promotion. The Market fluctuates promptly and leads fluctuations in pricing. Market is the only place to make ones product and services’ brand image.

A company or seller has to keep one eye on supply required and demand in the market for its products/services. Another eye on the new developments in the market. Supply and demand determine price and consumer estimation. As said consumer is the center of the business industry. One company/seller provides one’s services/products according to consumer preferences, perceptions, material availability, and other external treats. Consumers look, feel , consume ones product and services. To build the specific targeted consumer or targeting more customers, according to the new products and services offered by the company/services , market to market requires.

Business people or entrepreneurs start their business only after planning to target specific customers and then plan to provide products and services to the targeted consumers. To target customers or consumers, marketing is an essential aspect, without it no product or services can come in sight of targeted consumers. It is a corporate strategy for revenue generations.

Except financial market, good and services market, Market has also developed in itself with technology advancement,it has taken its virtual image also. Due to lack of time , customers search essential or required product and services for virtual markets. Virtual market like e-commerce websites, company website and social media groups. There are some advertising and marketing tips which will be helpful for any business:

1.Search for customers:
Proper ground work to find targeted customers or consumers needs and their ability to spend on the product/service. After that, do process of segmentation, positioning and targeting .

2.Marketing landscape is changing:
One has to keep in mind that the market is changing. Digital market made it roll rapidly. Before using any marketing tip first check date by using. Is it the right time to offer a product / service to the customer? Is the company’s product/services are out of the market? Is the information/ raw material used is old or new?

3.Market with your content:
Develop marketing plan for today and the near future. Market ones business through blogs, news, entertainment and social websites. Market one’s product and services virtually, in the form of content. It helps in attracting clients, increasing sales, shares and subscribers. Make your content as you are an expert, might be one get hired quickly.

4.Develop market through email:
Through email, one build their own network, a valuable asset. Using own email address helps subscribers not to locate the one in the spam folder. Send newsletters to the contacted customers for offers or announcement’s time to time.

A useful marketing line taken from e-source shall be considered in the newsletter mails:

“If you have had this email forwarded to you by a friend and you would like to receive a regular copy, you can join our readership here. (Then link from that text, to the newsletter sign up page on your site.)”

5. Network with connections:
A network of 100 people worth nothing without connection/communication. Influence network through communication. Business people in the industry help in providing more buyers direct or through Introducer.

6.Market virtually:
Many are unknown about the fact that a website is a sales generating machine. Content, infographics, videos, images and other marketing elements of the website helps in generating inquiries, leads, calls and sales from targeted customers, consumers or clients. Web site with outdated features or poor marketing elements, makes customer or client to escape from the page. Write blogs on one’s business achievements, future estimated goal, quality of products and services provided etc. A simple, professional look attract clients much.

7.Don’t fake promises:
The customer is till the time up to the promises made not breaks. Industries are run on the basis of trust, understanding consumers wants, consistency, time to time communication, the quantity and quality products and services provided to their customers. Even a breakage point makes leakage in the trusted relation with your prospective clients. Don’t make compromises in price and quality to make long-term relations.

8.Use CSR:
Corporate Social responsibility is the best thing, many small and big companies are working on it. It is a marketing tip to market one brand practically in the society.Many and more marketing techniques can be used, with proper analyzing to fill the left holes and the new opportunities to develop ones product and services in the market. Marketing is unique and requires continuous updates and implementation of marketing strategies.

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