Failure to success : A perfect example ”Karoly Takacs”

There have been some people in this world who, through their limitless will, did such things which were impossible for others. One such person was Karoly Takacs. Karoly used to work in the Hungarian Army. He was a stunning pistol shooter. He won a parallel performance in the 1938 National Games stunning performance. Given their performance, All Hungarians believed that Karoly would win the Gold Medal for the country in the 1940 Olympics.

Immediately after the National Games of 1938, one day the Grenade in the right hand of Karoly explodes in the Army Training Camp. That hand of Karoly, which he had been trending since childhood, is separated from the body fore forever. Whole Hungary gets immersed in Sadness. His Olympics gold medal dream ends. On the other hand Karoly does not accept defeat, So he starts practicing someone from his left hand without telling anyone. Nearly a year later, in the National Games of 1939, he comes in front of the people, and delivers everyone in surprise by talking about participating in the games. He is allowed to participate in games, he participates in pistol shoots and wins gold medal while doing miracles.

People are surprised, after all how it happened. With the hand, he could not write even a year ago, how did he train so much that he won the gold medal? It was a miracle for the people Karoly got great respect in the country. All Hungarians were then convinced that the gold medal of the pistol shooting would win only by Karoly in the 1940 Olympics. But at the time, Destiny played with Karoly and 1940 Olympics got canceled due to the World War.

Karoly was not disappointed, he put his full attention on the 1944 Olympics. But at the same time, Destiny was eager to take his test of endurance as the 1944 Olympics were canceled due to the World War.

Once again, the faith of the Hungarians started to wobble because Karoly’s age was increasing. Age  and performance have a deep connection in games. After an age, your vision starts decreasing. But Karoly had only one goal “Gold Medal in the pistol shooting at the Olympics”, so he continued the practice. After all the 1948 Olympics were held, Karoly participated in it and won the gold medal of pistol shooting for his country. Whole Hungry woke up with happiness, because Karoly did what was impossible for him. But Karoly did not stop at the 1952 Olympics and also made history by winning the gold medal there too. Karoly became the first player to win two consecutive gold medals at that pistol event.

At any turn of life,if you feel that the time and circumstance are not with you, in order to achieve your goal, think about Karoly, his struggle, his will.

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