“Wrap your mother with your love; it’s Mother’s Day”

Mother’s Day – A special day for each one of us, as its celebrated across the world. A relationship with mother is above all the known relationships on the earth. To accept the presence of all mothers around the globe, Mother’s Day is celebrated across more than 48 countries of the world.

From the time of child’s entrance in this world till it is carried by his death, many relationships enter in his life, some are just for while some are with us because of their selfishness. But the one that exist forever is the love and affection of a mother, called as a best trainer and a guide for every child. Mother’s day is a day to reciprocate such love and affection to your mother.

 Mother’s Day 2019 in India, the event will be celebrated on 12th May, Sunday. It falls annually on every second Saturday in the month of May.

Why to Celebrate Mother’s Day — Mother’s Day celebration was initiated by Greek and Romans. The ancient people of such Greek and Romans were highly dedicated towards their maternal goddesses. At that time, this celebration of mother’s  day was extended three days long, including lots of activities along with variety of games. Another history of mother’s day was generated in England by Christians, celebrating such occasion on 4th Sunday in order to respect Virgin Mary.

“On Mother’s Day give your mother the most special gift- your love!”

Through the celebration of mother’s day spend time with your mother to rejoice and give respect by making her feel important in your Life……………..

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