Man Get 149 Crore Bill For An OLA Ride

We’ve known about Bollywood’s 100 cr. clubs which each super star tries to be a piece of, however, imagine a scenario where you needed to pay more than 149 crores for a taxicab ride? While conversing with a news reporter, he said “I booked a ride from my home in Mulund West to Santacruz on April first. The driver couldn’t find me, so I strolled around 300 meters from my home. When I found my driver, he had crossed out my ride. When I attempted to book another taxi by means of Ola application, I got the message on the remarkable amount of 1,49,10,51,468 crore rupees”.

“I first thought it was some April fool, yet when the driver likewise couldn’t assist, I promptly tweeted my grievance to Ola. Their customer representative at last connected with me in 2 hours. Despite the fact that I chuckle about it now, yet that time I was furious”, he said.

For the time being, he plans to stick to Ola ride, in light of the fact that the organization has given him amazing coupons for at least next 2 months to appreciate Ola rides.

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