Make your air travel comfortable and enjoyable

I love air travel! I always wonder as to why do people dread air travel so much? Here are a few tips to make your journey comfortable.

1).Reach the airport well in time, at least two and a half hours before the take off.

2).Wear comfortable, loose clothes and Velcro sandals. They will be easier to take off as you relax in your seat. Besides if you are wearing closed shoes, you will have to take them off during the security check.

3).When you have to change planes during a layover, and if the flight gets cancelled, generally the airline will put you up in a hotel for the night. But you won’t have your checked in bags with you, as the airline takes care of these bags and they are loaded on the next flight. So you will only have your cabin bag with you. So pack a pair of your undergarments, nightwear and your casual day wear clothes like a shirt and a trouser in it. The delay will be bearable when you are rested in your nightwear and then have a fresh set of clothes to wear after your shower, the next morning.

This happened to me last year while returning from San Francisco to New Delhi, with a layover and a plane change at Amsterdam. Since nothing could be done about the situation, I decided to enjoy my stay in the Amsterdam hotel! After checking in, I went to dine in the restaurant where a drink and a meal were complimentary. I enjoyed a glass of chardonnay, had a delicious soup and relished the dinner, ending it with a beautiful dessert! Had a good night’s sleep and almost didn’t wake up on time to catch my next flight!

4).Pack a fleece jacket and a pair of cotton socks in the cabin bag. Wear them as soon as you board the plane. The air conditioning in the aircraft is crazy, you almost freeze and it becomes difficult to relax and sleep. The blanket provided is not very cozy because, as you keep shifting in your seat, it keeps slipping.

5).Carry a big purse/ haversack which can accommodate plenty of things.

a).Keep a moisturizer in your purse and keep applying it liberally on your face and hands, as the dry, cold air in the aircraft tends to make your lips and skin very dry.
b).Keep your passport and travel documents in a zip lock bag in your purse.
c).Don’t forget to keep a pen as you will have to fill immigration forms.
d).Carry a good book to read and some Sudoku / puzzles to solve for layovers and when you get bored of watching movies on the tiny TV.
e).Your medications.
f).Wet wipes.

6).Keep drinking water to keep yourself hydrated. Most of the times the flights attendants are busy and might not get you water. So just move out of your seat, go to the galley, pour out juice or water yourself. If you are hungry, you can ask for some snack packs like chips, salted biscuits, etc. On long haul flights, it is a good idea to keep moving out of your seat and walking up and down the aisle or just stretch in the galley. This also keeps the boredom away as you can chat with other passengers who are also in the galley!

7).Relax, look forward to the drink trolley and enjoy your flight!

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