Did you know- Fun facts of Indian

If you live in India then, you might have well known all the rights, rituals, caste, creeds, languages, styles and diversity of people living in India. In our India, people are hard working, confident and optimistic in nature. People admire and respect the great legends took birth here. They will always be an inspiration for us. People in India are fun loving too. One interesting fact is to laugh at himself for whatever we are, do, did or doing. Lets have some light-heart fun of ourselves.

Let’s take a Drive:

People like to drive not with only ‘you and me’, drive with a family of four to six people is more better. Even it takes 8 sometimes. It is not Bus or Auto, just two- wheeler motorbike. Brilliant, generous and proud man in our country.

Target- deliver lunchboxes:

Have you heard that your target is to deliver tiffin boxes in the city. Yes whole city before lunch. Dabbawalas in Mumbai, delivers tifin boxes from doorstep to office place and back to residence house. No internet, only symbols and marking on the boxes help them to indicate areas and specific address. One more thing, tiffin count just only up to 50-100 for one Dabbawala. Which tiffin you want to eat?

Train is made for us:

Yes, sure. On objection. Most people rely on local trains with cheap tickets and admire to hang on train doors or sit in train’s roof top. Congested and crammed local trains, one has already put his foot on other ones for sure. Pick-pocket-ear and kissing play are common to play well.

River, lakes, wells and me:

We are Indian by default. We like to wash ourselves before the world. Without any hesitation, we wash our kids, our ancestors might have made it. Even we like to walk immodestly during our early age.

Pranaam Baba!

If you ever visited different states of the India, then you definitely met so many babas. In India there are so many God-man. They dress up themselves in saffron colored clothes, grow beards and long hair, it gives religious looks. Babas go in religious events, eat food and give blessings for ones’ good fortune in life.

Politician are rich people:

Yes, politician are rich. They are rich in money, corruption and scandals. The tax for the richness is paid in foreign, paid in the mode of bail or used up for some calorie gain. If one wants to be rich without work, let’s go into this profession.

Religious Man, Naughty guy:

The phrase is similar to ‘A coin has two sides, one can see only one at a time’. Religious from heart, but plunder man. Pray at the temple, rape girls in lone area. Men will be men, but all men are not like that.

Weekend is there:

No city or village will be found which not has bar shops. Even banned in few states, but still it is easily available on weekends if you have good networking with the liquor kings.

Lastly, laugh on yourself, proudly. We live in India.

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