Famous DHOL Tasha Pathaks in Pune

-Famous DHOL Tasha Pathaks- As Ganeshotsav edges are closer the echo of drums beating can be heard as the city prepares to celebrate the much-awaited festival to the fullest. DHOL Tasha is an integral part of celebrations in Maharashtra and the reason goes
back to the medieval period. Back in those days, these double-headed drums were used to encourage the troupes during wars. The DHOL brought a certain enthusiasm among the troops. Later it was called the celebratory instrument
and became a way of encouragement among people.

Famous DHOL Tasha Pathaks

In Pune, many people join in on different Pathaks where they can learn to play the instrument and at the time of the festival spread joy among the spectators.Following are such 4 DHOL Pathaks you cannot miss to watch on Ganeshotsav in Pune.

1- Samartha Pratishthan DHOL Tasha Pathak
The Samartha Pratishthan Pathak rose into fame for having an all-women DHOL Pathak and they even took an initiative to have visually impaired people to join them. People love to watch them perform and all the money they collect goes to charitable purposes.

2- Nadbramha DHOL Tasha Pathak
One of the biggest groups in Pune, The Nadbramha Pathak is unmissable. The entire city gathers to watch them perform during the Visarjan. They have also performed in front of Tirupati Balaji. They surely create a buzz among the people as the ride high on enthusiasm.

3-Shivgarjana DHOL Tasha Pathak
The Shivgarjana Pathak create an environment so happening that everyone unknowingly starts dancing to their beats. The group has performed in more than 100 Ganesh Festivals. The member of the group has also taken the magic
of DHOL Tasha on an international level. The amount generated from the events is contributed to a social cause.

4- Rudragarjana Dhol Tasha Pathak
Another energetic group that takes things to a different level by mixing different types of beats. The Rudragarjana Pathak has about 300 loyal members that come together every year and bring an energetic performance that makes you wanting for more.

Apart from these four, there are many Pathaks that take the spirit of Ganeshotsav to a whole new level.

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