Amazon Rainforest Destroyed Due to Fire

It is not good news to hear that Amazon Rainforest destroyed due to fire. Amazon rainforest is the world’s largest rainforest in Southern America. Also, this rainforest is known as Amazon’s jungle.

Brazil’s rainforest is in risk today and it is flaming. This forest works like a respiratory system for us and provides ecological service. Amazon rainforest is world’s “lungs of the planet” as it is surrounded by 2.1 million of space. Amazon provides 20% of oxygen to our planet.

Many celebs also tweet on the social sites for the amazon rainforest fire and they show their response. NASA Satellite is helping their hands to recover the precious forest. It is observed that about 99% of amazon fires have been started due to human actions.

Due to continuous high fires in the Amazon rainforest, by the evening time, it appears like dark yellow colour skies all around and there are no lights around. The whole night seems like a dusk yellow. The smells come like a barbecue.

This year an increased number of fires has been recorded in comparison to the previous year.Also, smoke is visible from the space satellites.

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