Alternative Hours for Your Fitness

We are getting very irresponsible due to hectic life with home, office and party on weekends. People want to live life to fullest. Getting with new fashion trends, gadgets, hanging out with friends, using expensive makeup products, wasting time on looks and dresses. What happen if a stop came when you totally become careless. It’s better to work for our own healthy, body and mind.

Doctors also suggest to make oneself fit. Have some points for healthy living:

Street walk:

Take a walk with your dog when nobody is there with you. Even celebs roam with their doggy. Start running daily and expose your lungs for fresh breath in morning sunlight. First caring step for your body.

Distress work:
Doctors or psychologist asks patients for taking the less work load. Prepare to-do list for the whole day as we made during our board exams. At the end of the day, make one more list for next 24 hours. A little stress is gone now. Feel yourself more happy than before.

To remove junks present in the body, start eating home-made freshly cooked warm food, raw vegetables and fruit, drinking fresh juice. Sip of Green Tea, fell in love with it. Stop using alcohol and smoke. You should, it affects our whole body specially our sense organs. People don’t have a sense when they get drunk.

Go with Meditation and Yoga:
Deep and slowly breath in and out for 1 hour daily. It opens our senses, blocked lungs and is an emotional boost. Yoga too for physical fitness. Do exercise, but not so hard.

Sufficient sleep:
Well known saying, Early to Bed, Early to Rise, Makes a Man, Healthy, Wealthy and Wise. Work on it not more than 8 hours sleep. Power Naps are good too for 1 or 1 and half hour.

Wear Clean:
It’s the truth. Now also people not wash themselves. Everyday water dips with body cleaners removes body odor and removes any type of skin allergy. Wear washed clothes. Due to all day long wear, our dress get in touch with our skin and dust, which makes bad bacteria to multiply in it. Would you like if your girlfriend wears same dress in a row in your meetings?

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