Bermuda Triangle- Supernatural Mystery Unknown

Situated in Bermuda, South Florida and Puerto Rico, Bermuda swath is named as ghost area. A triangular deadly swath make disappearance of people, ships and air-crafts. Human or man-made matter become out of control when passed near or from above ghost region. All disappear in between air or under the water in the region.

Mystery place is situated in the Western side of North Atlantic Ocean, enclosed with Bermuda Island to Miami (South Florida) and San Juan (Puerto Rico). The area is well known for disappearance of human, air-crafts or ship’s existence and covers sea area 440,000 miles. Many ships and planes and people traveling along not found in life span of the last hundred years.

People still love to live in the nearby cities and well known to the happenings. They hear the news of missing yachts, but hardly anyone came back to say he has come alive from deadly triangle. Most supernatural happening are in between Puerto Rico and Florida, but the effect can be seen outside of the area too.

Scientist have been researching to solve the mystery since they came up with its existence. Hardly a single can say that one has come alive from there. Scientist found existing matter in the deadly region as human error, pilot disorientation, undefined weather, magnetic fields, north Atlantic Ocean, UFOs, aliens, methane hydrates, pirates and submerge of 11 thousand year old comet. It is the only region on the earth where compass not points towards North.

Well known name, Christopher Columbus, wrote in his journal, found that watercraft compass stops responding, lightnings and fireballs come from the sky. One sense to turn back from the route of the deep sea.

Research findings say terrestrial aliens had vanished, but US navy is in no condition to believe in mysterious region. US government made Atlantic Undersea Test and Evaluation Center at Andros Island for testing the regional mystery.

The biggest accident happened in 1945, when five US Navy Avenger torpedo bombers took flight over the region to Bimini island and get vanish only after when they alert to the controller of misleading compass. The rescued team of 3 crafts also not able to provide alive or deadly news.

Research says, it happens due to formation of electronic charged hexagonal clouds. According to Dr Steve Miller, a satellite meteorologist, clouds found in the area are of random formation.Scientifically testing of satellite images states, air flows with 170 miles per hour between clouds and the sea in the region. It generates air bombs to make waves of 45 feet high. Speed and the waves are more then what make ships and air-crafts to drown. Gulf stream flows from near the region, which eliminates craters with its flow.

According to the Indian mythology, Rig Veda, planet Mars born from the Earth. Separation made injury in the triangular region. It too defines the fact for the inclination of the Earth by 23 and half degree that too similar to the inclination of triangular swath. Triangular injury named Bermuda Triangle as it situated near Bermuda. Due to injury, a lot of iron deposited in the region and makes fact of disappearance of objects.

Last year in Serbia, several craters were discovered. Examination of craters found large holes on the ground surface of the ships. The holes might be created due to release of gas in the process of methane hydrates. Large amount of gas breaks into small bubbles on and over the sea. These small bubbles are very large in size and shape. It pushes the ship up and ship comes down due to gravitation. It comes out to be the reason for missing of air and water vessels in the region.

Scientists and Sailors synthesized the detective tale with scientific, natural and geographical reasons and found such interesting facts to decode the ghostly tale. The mystery of drowning ship has solved to a limit, but what makes airplanes to vanish is still a mystery unknown.

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