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You will be stunned by Reliance Jio’s offer

written by Altmash Malik July 24, 2017

After the cheapest data, Reliance Jio has brought 4G features mobile phone in just Rs.1500. If a customer returns a mobile phone after 3 years, then this amount will be back to the same as security money to the Customer.  The company’s chief Mr. Mukesh Ambani, announced  that customer will get free voice and free SMS facilities. As well as Rs. 153 a month will get unlimited data. And the subscriber will also receive a one-week data package of Rs 54 and  2 days validity of Rs 24.

In our country, there are 72 crore mobile phones,” pointed out. “However, in this 72 crore, there are more than 48 crore feature phone consumer, who have been left out. They can neither pay for the low-priced LTE smartphone, nor the outrageous cost of data.”

Mr. Mukesh Ambani said to achieve this, “The company needs to convey on three pillars, – connectivity, data affordability, and device affordability. “Jio is a data powerful network built for the Internet from the ground up,”. “The TRAI speedtest portal has constantly ranked Jio as the apparent 4G network superior in coverage, usage, and data speeds.

The company’s network continues to rapidly broaden. Ambani said, Jio in the next 1 year, will cover 99 percent of the population of our country. Our country’s 4G coverage will be more than its 2G coverage,”. To meet up the need for device affordability , the company realized that it would have to release a 4G VoLTE feature phone, as even an entrance level smartphone cost between Rs. 3,000 to Rs. 4,500”.

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