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The Growing Online Food Market & Their Irresistible Offers

written by Aniket Gujrathi October 8, 2018

According to the latest reports, the E-commerce business in India will grow to the mammoth US $100 billion by 2020 which was the US $2.9 billion in 2013, that’s a gigantic leap to take. With this ever-increasing online food market, the demand for food and beverages has also increased, making this market worth the US $2.7 billion.

India has the largest number of young population in the world since 50% of the total population falls under the age of 25 years. And maximum demand of online food comes from the people between the age group 18-40 years. Because of the great Indian appetite, this demand for food seems reasonable.

The major reasons behind this increasing demand of online food are the increase in per capita income, changing social trends and the big fat offers these online food companies are offering.

Since, they know that the demand of quick access to food and saving up time whilst availing such offers, the Indian middle-class families will definitely buy their food, the companies like Zomato, Swiggy and Uber have swayed the streets with unavoidable offers.

Zomato considered as the largest food delivery and rating app was the first one among all to introduce an offer such as 50% off on the total bill, which the blew everyone out of the water, hundreds of restaurants joined the chain, and the online food market took a toll. Seeing this, the tech company Uber launched its subsidiary called Uber Eats which offered the same deal.

Swiggy the food delivery brand that used to operate in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, and Bangalore joined the party late but with their policy of delivering under 30 minutes became people’s favorite in no time.

Apart from delivering a variety of cuisines to every household in India, these online food services have also given employment to a large number of people.

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