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Kali- A Secret Defence Mission

written by Aniket Gujrathi May 23, 2017

Kilo Ampere Linear Injector (KALI) is a linear electron accelerator project of DRDO and BARC.

KALI might not be term as Laser but it is based on Relativistic Electron Beams (REB).

It converts the electron energy into electro-magnetic radiation. The radiation frequency ranges up to microwave frequency, i.e. high power microwave (HPM) and Flash X Rays (FXR) frequency are used in high power microwave gun. The gun will destroy shot missiles and aircrafts from attackers.

Dr. P. Chidambaram, director of BARC (Bhabha Atomic Research Centre), initiated the project in 1985. Accelerators and Pulse Power Division of BARC started work on it in 1989. The project is for defence application use, but former decided for industrial purpose. Accelerator power ranges as versions of KALI i.e. KALI 80, KALI 200, KALI 1000, KALI 5000 and KALI 10000. KALI 5000 is in use for defence purpose since 2004.

KALI Secret name taken from a Hindu goddess, KALI- killing demons. According to Scientists, high power microwaves are used as a laser weapon for soft-killing or destroying missiles and aircrafts.

It is designed with accelerators and single shot device. Series of accelerators are used known as Single Shot Pulsed Gigawatt Electron Accelerators. Single shot devices are designed as a capacitor filled up with water to charge energy. It can discharge from lowest 0.4 GW and highest up to 40 GW within 60 nanoseconds.

KALI 5000 emits microwave radiations in the range of 3 to 5 GHz. The pulse accelerator can make 1 MeV electron energy in 50-100 nanoseconds pulse time from 40 KiloAmphere current and 40 GW Power Volt level. KALI 5000 designed to make it to sum up weight at 10 tons. KALI 10000 is more than double of it, i.e. to 26 tons. To cool the heat energy in KALI, 12000 liters of oil is required. Even recharging the system take more time than that of cooling system. DRDO (Defence Research Development Organization) has already applied KALI for defence applications.

Different versions of KALI are in use for different purposes. Defence Ballistics Research Institute (DBRL) in Chandigarh is using X Rays emitting Illuminators. They are using illuminators for high-speed photography for their Ballistic research. Microwave emissions are in used for electro-magnetic research. The microwave production system is used in TEJAS by DRDO scientists to test its electronic system.

Electrostatic shields designed such that it hardens LCA and shields our missiles from microwave attacks. It will also help in protecting satellites from Electro Magnetic Impulses. These impulses emissions occur from nuclear weapons and cosmic disturbances which destroy electronic circuits in satellites. Electro Magnetic Impulses (EMI) can reach thousands of V/cm.

To weaponize KALI 5000, will take time as it is under development stage to make it more compact and rigid by improving it’s single use recharging time. If required, it can be used as a satellite and space-based weapon. Military version of KALI 5000 is going from development to implementation, and testing to implementation and updating stage in BARC, Banglore.

As it is a mission with secrets,the mission is under wraps and no authorized person allowed to disclose the secrets. The launch will make news and make India powerful among attackers, opponents or neighborhood-country rivalry.

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