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Nathan David Rabinowich is a famous business personality. Nathan David Rabinowich served as the Executive Director at Jewish Heritage Tours, Brooklyn for more than ten years.

Rabbi Dr. Nosson Dovid Rabinowich’s Latest Publications and what is Forthcoming

The Responsa and Talmudic Novellae of Rav Sherira ben Rav Chanina Gaon, Two volumes, Jerusalem, 2012 (Hebrew) The first-ever collection of all the known writings of Rav Sherira Gaon, the Gadol Ha’Dor of the 10th- 11th centuries, of Baghdad.

Binat Nevonim, fascinating ground-breaking essays on the lessons of the Holocaust by the Munkatcher Rebbe, zt”l, Rebbe Baruch Yehoshua Yerachmiel Rabinowich; incl. a long introduction about the Rebbe’s life and his amazing “hatzalah” work ,saving thousands of Jewish lives in Budapest, Jerusalem, 2013

Chidushei Bais Av : A remarkable and original 3 part work, based on manuscript, from Ha’Gaon Rebbe Avraham Aaron Yudelevich, one of the greatest & most prolific Rabbanim in America(d.1930) and the first rabbi to ever visit the White House(1924), Jerusalem, 2013 (published by Rabbi Dr. Nosson Dovid Rabinowich with a long essay about Rav Yudelevich’s controversial life)

Upcoming :

An oversize , two volume collector’s edition of all the responsa of Ha’Gaon Rebbe Avraham Aaron Yudelevich dealing with all sections of the Shulchan Aruch.

A collection of all of the biographical monographs of the great scholar, Ha’Gaon Rebbe Reuvain Margolies.

A collection of all Rabbi Margolies’ notes on the four sections of Shulchan Aruch,on Rambam and some other important Medievalists (all from mss.)


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