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China’s NAVY Launched its biggest new generation destroyer

written by Aniket Gujrathi July 3, 2017

China has become a global naval power only the very day when it launched new generation destroyer. A destroyer with domestic designs and well equipped with air defense weapons launched in Shanghai on last Wednesday. The naval destroyer is in the first row to contend with competitors like India and powerful US in the Indian Ocean.

Launched on Wednesday, a new generation destroyer is creating news largely for its weight and power. The global naval power has 10000 tons of weight. The produced vessel has domestic design under China’s Navy supervision and launched recently at Jiangnan Shipyard in Shanghai.

The new generation destroyer is well equipped with a number of defense weapons. It includes air defense, anti-missile, anti-ship and anti-submarine weapons. Chinese Navy took a major step to make strong, modern and powerful nation’s navy shield system. To meet the milestones, the naval destroyer is passing all the tests of equipment operation, berthing and sailing etc. successfully.

China is in the mode to deploy it forming a warrior group which will accompany two aircraft carriers. The mission is for a future mission in and near the Indian Ocean if ever, happened, and to compete with other naval powers of nations like India and US. The said formation includes first aircraft carrier Liaoning , destroyers like Jinan and Yinchuan, Yantai and J-15 fighter jets and helicopters.

Liaoning, the aircraft carrier is built-in April from the hull of the Soviet ship and acquired from Ukraine, expected to get ready for operation by 2019. The carrier has already completed its training session in South and the East China Sea. Liaoning is having ongoing routine training from the last few days with a fleet of Chinese naval ships close to Qingdao’s shore in east China. Also, the training process is on to skill up pilots and crew members in different Chinese navy training centers.

Modern monster, Chinese naval destroyer is considered as Type 055, a successor of Type 052D guided missile destroyers. The Chinese navy has 18 ships, destroyers, corvettes and guided missile frigates from last year.

According to geographical research, it’s believed that the South China Sea has oil and gas deposits, around $5 Trillion of trade every year. From above claims, China wants to take military control over the islands around. Brunei, Malaysia, The Philippines, Taiwan and Vietnam conjointly state their control over the area. And now, the new navy destroyer has stricken more panic for the nations over disputed territory in South China. The powered ship will be able to service after a three-year strict training session, i.e. will be around 2020.

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