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As Ganeshotsav edges are closer the echo of drums beating can be heard as the city prepares to celebrate the much-awaited festival to the fullest. DHOL Tasha is an integral part of celebrations in Maharashtra and the reason goes
back to the medieval period. Back in those days, these double-headed drums were used to encourage the troupes during wars. The DHOL brought a certain enthusiasm among the troops. Later it was called the celebratory instrument
and became a way of encouragement among people.

In Pune, many people join in on different Pathaks where they can learn to play the instrument and at the time of the festival spread joy among the spectators.Following are such 4 DHOL Pathaks you cannot miss to watch on Ganeshotsav in Pune.

1- Samartha Pratishthan DHOL Tasha Pathak
The Samartha Pratishthan Pathak rose into fame for having an all-women DHOL Pathak and they even took an initiative to have visually impaired people to join them. People love to watch them perform and all the money they collect goes to charitable purposes.

2- Nadbramha DHOL Tasha Pathak
One of the biggest groups in Pune, The Nadbramha Pathak is unmissable. The entire city gathers to watch them perform during the Visarjan. They have also performed in front of Tirupati Balaji. They surely create a buzz among the people as the ride high on enthusiasm.

3-Shivgarjana DHOL Tasha Pathak
The Shivgarjana Pathak create an environment so happening that everyone unknowingly starts dancing to their beats. The group has performed in more than 100 Ganesh Festivals. The member of the group has also taken the magic
of DHOL Tasha on an international level. The amount generated from the events is contributed to a social cause.

4- Rudragarjana Dhol Tasha Pathak
Another energetic group that takes things to a different level by mixing different types of beats. The Rudragarjana Pathak has about 300 loyal members that come together every year and bring an energetic performance that makes you wanting for more.

Apart from these four, there are many Pathaks that take the spirit of Ganeshotsav to a whole new level.

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Paryushan Parv is one of the most important and sacred festivals of Jainism. This festival consists of 8 days and the last day is the most auspicious day for the Jain community. Jain community celebrates Paryushan in the two traditions and it consists of- Shwetambar and Digambar. For the Shwetambar Jain, this festival remains for mainly 8 days and for the Digambar Jain, this festival remains for 8-10 days. During this festival of Jainism, people focus
on the two major things- Introspection and Forgiveness. This is believed that Paryushan is the festival to purify the inner soul and do not hurt others by any action or words.

This the festival of fasting but fasting is not possible for everyone so it also includes to analyse oneself for their deeds and learn the guidance of the Jain Tirthankaras known as God.

This festival is an opportunity for the Jain community to look at their previous sins, removing all the impurities from within such as- anger, pride and greed. In contrast to these sins, build the good virtues of humanity, kindness, non-violence, charitable, honesty and sacrifice.

Among the 8 days of the festival, last day is more important among all and that is known as “Samvatsari” a day of forgiveness to all the living beings. On this day, everyone meets with their friends, family to say them sorry for any wrong deeds they committed. Also, people seek forgiveness from the enemies too.


This great remarkable festival of Jainism is to drop out all the negativity within you, drop out all the rubbish, senseless and lustful desires, remove jealously and ego in these precious days.

This festival is all about selflessness, god devotion, humanity and follows the right path of goodness. Live and just let live others with love.

And make a pray to god that GOD purify my soul and bless me with positive energy.

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It is not good news to hear that Amazon Rainforest destroyed due to fire. Amazon rainforest is the world’s largest rainforest in Southern America. Also, this rainforest is known as Amazon’s jungle.

Brazil’s rainforest is in risk today and it is flaming. This forest works like a respiratory system for us and provides ecological service. Amazon rainforest is world’s “lungs of the planet” as it is surrounded by 2.1 million of space. Amazon provides 20% of oxygen to our planet.

Many celebs also tweet on the social sites for the amazon rainforest fire and they show their response. NASA Satellite is helping their hands to recover the precious forest. It is observed that about 99% of amazon fires have been started due to human actions.

Due to continuous high fires in the Amazon rainforest, by the evening time, it appears like dark yellow colour skies all around and there are no lights around. The whole night seems like a dusk yellow. The smells come like a barbecue.

This year an increased number of fires has been recorded in comparison to the previous year.Also, smoke is visible from the space satellites.

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Yeas, you will be surprised! hearing how meditation helps to balance out your whole body system especially Brain. Meditation produces a good, healthy and positive vibes inner you. Meditation is the process of balancing and activating the body and brain. It allows your mind to focus effectively. Moreover, it helps to reduce your increased blood pressure.

In today’s fast-growing life, a human is a victim of the anxiety, anger, stress, chronic pains and mood swings so to control and resolves all these factors a meditation works a lot and has many good benefits to your whole body and mind.

The most precious heart, mind and body can be controlled and improved by adapting regular meditation in your life. In your daily routine, you should strictly do meditation for half an hour or just a few minutes. Meditation keeps you completely healthy, positive and it keeps you stay away from all the negativity. Though, meditation is the long term return to your life. Like- do meditation for a minute and get along the good return. How interesting it is.

Even though meditation is a scientifically validated and is universally applicable. Meditation plays an important role in your life and brings many good effects to your amazing lifestyle.Meditation improves your level of sleep, intelligence and concentration. And you can achieve anything that you want.

The most interesting thing you will be excited to know about meditation is- it brings you closer to the divine God.

Every human is himself an author of his disease and health. Means you are the only responsible for your bad health so by doing meditation you will find yourself that you have achieved good health. Meditation keeps your mind and body relax, peace and it awakens the great vibes within you.

Your body and mind are precious. Re-energies your life by a way of mediation and brings a smile and happiness to your life through meditation.

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Janmashtami is completely associated with the lord Krishna. It is a festival of love and affection between a brother and sister. This festival is one of the popular ones and gains a lot of importance in Hinduism. On this day, birthday is celebrated of Lord Krishna throughout the world. Always the birthday of Lord Krishna comes in the month of SHRAWAN. This day is treated as a RAKSHABANDHAN too as Draupadi and Krishna was brother and sister and the bond between them was much tighter and then brother, sister bond came to existence.

This festival of Janmashtami brings joy, love and devotion between siblings. It is believed that- children make a prank of Lord Krishna and also the love bond of Radha and Krishna is famous.

Love and Interest of Lord Krishna

Sweet Lord Krishna has a love for the curd and butter. This both the things he often eats and enjoys. On the Janmashtami day, a special function is organised and any child or any elder one impersonated like a lord Krishna. A pot of clay
known as MATKI contained with butter and milk is hanged over the height of the building or a pyramid with a help of rope and then the young Govinda tries to reach near the pot to break and grab that.

Mathura is being the favourite place of Lord Krishna as he spent his childhood there and he took birth here. The world-famous Janmashtami is celebrated here with great devotion and love. On the day of Janmashtami, all the society
peoples come across the temple of Radha- Krishna and with a lot of chanting, people get assembled near the temple to celebrate the birthday of Lord Krishna. Young and children dressed up like a Krishna and Radha to play a role of the love affair of them. People play various games, dance and make fun.

Lord Krishna states that– spread the charm of humanity around you and live with love with everyone.

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In India, the importance of adult education is increasing and the government has given priority to the role of adult education in India. Also, there is a programme launched by the government named- National Adult Education Programme on the 2 nd of October, 1978. The aim behind the programme was to provide the adult education to the illiterate belonging to the age- 15 to 35 years. Adult education is emphasized all over the country.

The aim of adult education in India is to provide education to those who have lost the chance to gain education due to any reason. As it is said that-education is the long term return and education is the ongoing process, it does not end just with the schools. Although, life is all about to develop and grow one’s life.

Since our country is democratic and education is the right of every human being and therefore, adult education in India has become the needs of society today. The role of adult education is not merely to eliminate illiteracy level but also adhere to eliminate the ill-health, unemployment and poverty.

Adult education is the part-time education and it has two types- formal education and informal education. Adult education in India has become the cherished goal itself because it strives for learning and development.

India is about to remark its goodwill in the subject matter of adult education as the Indian government is taking so many initiatives for the citizens to increase the level of adult education in India.

Today, it is believed that illiterate peoples live an inferior life. So to live a developed, growing and stress- free life one need to have education so that one can live his life decently and desirable way. If adults are not educated, then it might not be possible for India to be economically and socially developed. By the means of adult education, make your life worth and valued.

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Generally, secondary education is the third level of education and includes up to the 10 th class. Secondary education level prepares the students for the higher secondary education i.e. 11 th and 12 th standards. besides all these, there are several problems of secondary education in India today.

Many government schools are not well managed and rest of the private schools has become extremely costly and just they charge so many rupees and in return, they do not properly provide the secondary education. Many schools do not set any organised aim of secondary education and it turns into the problem of secondary education. Secondary education provides only bookish and theoretical knowledge and no practical knowledge is conceived and this is the reason why students do not understand some important units.

There is no complete utilization of secondary education in many schools due to the negligence of the teachers and this gives rise to unemployment after the higher education.

In some of the schools, teachers only teach and go but they don’t understand that merely a bread is not enough to full-fill the stomach, although it requires something more. Likewise, merely gaining an education is not a full sense but
having the proper manners and discipline over the culture makes a full sense. Education and cultural education both goes parallel.

Many schools do not possess and includes physical activities and if includes then it is so minimal. Today students need extra physical activities to be physically and mentally fit. Alone education can’t do anything so physical
education should be emphasised.

One of the major problems of secondary education is the lack of experienced teachers and a lack of training programme. This lead to a crucial problem for secondary education students. This is the fault of the teachers that they are inefficient and not well-trained. So we India needs a vocational training programme for the teachers to make secondary education succeed.

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Yoga is an ancient Indian way of life. Through yoga, we can keep the body, mind and brain healthy. Doing yoga can get rid of many diseases. Yoga keeps the body powerful and it relieves stress from yoga. The body remains healthy and healthy. Yoga not only gives your body a rest, it also gives you peace of mind. Doing regular yoga keeps your mind happy and removes irritability.

Obesity is a major problem nowadays. Working in one place for hours, not exercising, which is causing obesity. There is a risk of many diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart attack due to obesity. Apart from this, problems like obesity, headache, tension and osteoporosis also occur for a long time. Millions of people die every year from diseases leading to obesity worldwide. You can reduce obesity by doing regular yoga. Configuration yoga is considered to be very beneficial to reduce fat deposited on the stomach.

If your weight is too much and the belly has come out due to accumulation of fat or the whole body is fat, then you also have to take care of your diet and you can reduce your weight fast by using configuration yoga.
Yoga is very beneficial for you, because it helps to maintain the beauty, peace and balance. Yoga helps us to make our skin beautiful. It makes you healthy and stress-free. Prevention of premature aging can be prevented by yoga and exercise. Yoga is not only beneficial for your health, but daily yoga also keeps your skin tight and glows on the skin. Yoga enhances your blood circulation. It removes skin, fatigue and gives a kind of glow, which makes you look beautiful. Apart from this, it also removes acne.

CONCLUSIONS – Today’s fast pace There are many such moments in life that put a brake on our speed. There are many reasons around us which give rise to tension, fatigue and irritability, which makes our lives unsettled. In such a situation, yoga is a panacea medicine to keep life healthy and energetic, which keeps the mind cool and the body fit. The speed of life gets a musical momentum through yoga. The importance of yoga will increase in future. With compound actions, everything can be changed, which is given by nature.

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Today the world has become digital and digital and digital marketing is growing with the speed.Digital marketing is the modern way of marketing via the internet and it includes doing business using the upgraded digital technology over the internet, phone and display advertising. Today digital marketing trends are on the top and now you can no longer ignore it.

Digital marketing has taken over the way of traditional business. Every company are expanding their business with the help of digital marketing. With the use of digital marketing, you can easily access to an audience with effectiveness and efficiency. The success behind many businesses is today the support of digital marketing. It completely creates brand loyalty and increases your increment level. When you use the tools of digital marketing, it helps you to gain trust and builds your credibility.

We can say that business today needs the help of digitalization to survive, thrive and grow in this competitive world. Many big opportunities knock the door of your business if you utilize the growing trends of digital marketing.

Whether you are a student, professional, housewife or a businessman. Digital marketing serves you the best and it helps you to get a big earning. There is a lot of scope in the field of digital marketing. All the social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Whatsapp are the source of creating the bond between the customer and seller.

One of the most important things about digital marketing is – It has a global reach. If you are planning to expand your business, then it is possible with the digitalization. The main motto of digital marketing is that it needs to SMART; Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely. The whole digital marketing strategy runs to be SMART.

The benefits of digital marketing –

It adds value to your business, leads to online sales, increased rate of profit, global reach,increase in a source of income, increases in brand loyalty.More than a half of the world has become digital and with the continuous increasing rate of
digitalisation, the growing trend and importance of digital marketing will surely deliver loads of benefits to all the customers.

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अमेरिकी सुपरहीरो की हिट फ़िल्म है, जो मार्वेल कॉमिक्स की सुपरहीरो टीम, अवेंजर्स पर आधारित है। इसका निर्माण मार्वल स्टूडियो ने किया है, इस मूवी की कहानी क्रिस्टोफर मार्कस और स्टीफन मैकफ़ेली ने लिखी है, और यह फिल्म एंथनी तथा जो रूसो द्वारा निर्देशित की गई है।

इस मूवी के कलाकार इस प्रकार है :-

रॉबर्ट डॉनी जुनियर – टोनी स्टार्क/आयरन मैन
एक स्वयं घोषित विद्वान, रइस, रोमियो और इंजिनियर जिसने खुद एक यांत्रिक सूट बनाया है। डॉनी को अपनी चार फ़िल्मों के समझौते के चलते इस फ़िल्म में लिया गया था जिनमे आयरन मैन २ और द अवेंजर्स शामिल है।
क्रिस इवांस – स्टीव रॉजर्स/कैप्टन अमेरिका
एक द्वितीय विश्वयुद्ध का सेनानी जिसे मानवता की शारीरिक चोटी पर प्रयोगात्मक द्रव्य से पहुँचाया गया था। कैप्टन अमेरिका और टोनी स्टार्क में लगातार मतभेद उत्पन्न होते रहते हैं क्योंकि दोनों ही अलग-अलग काल के है।
मार्क रफ़्लो – डॉ॰ ब्रुस बैनर/हल्क
एक विद्वान वैज्ञानिक जो गामा किरणों के प्रभाव में आने के चलते गुस्सा होने पर एक दानव में बदल जाता है। हल्क का अभिनय करने के लिए अवतार में उपयोग की गई तकनीक का प्रयोग किया गया है। लोउ फेरिग्नो ने हल्क को आवाज़ दी है।
क्रिस हैमस्वर्थ – थॉर
नॉर्स मृथक में वर्णित बिजली का देवता। अपने इस पात्र के लिए क्रिस हेम्स्वर्थ ने वज़न व शारीरक बल बढ़ाया था।
स्कार्लेट जोहानसन – नताशा रोमानोफ़/ब्लैक विडो
जेरेमी रेनर – क्लिंट बर्टन/हॉकाआय
सैम्युअल एल. जैक्सन – निक फ्यूरी
टॉम हिडल्स्टन – लोकी
कोबी स्मल्डर्स – मारिया हिल
स्टेलान स्कार्सगार्ड – डॉ॰ एरिक सेल्विग

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