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What makes the Bohra community so special ?

written by Aniket Gujrathi September 24, 2018

India is a country with an enormous culture and diversity. In this diverse culture of India, the Bohras hold a very distinct place but are often counted as a part of the entire Muslim community in terms of their practices and beliefs, however, The Bohra Samaj is a branch of Shia Ismaili Muslims, who are very exclusive and distinct in their beliefs and practices.

Like many other communities who came to India years ago and stayed here ever since Bohras also are not an Indigenous species of the Indian subcontinent. According to the historians, Bohras first came to India from middle-eastern countries in the 11th century BC, and through various missionaries and businessmen they established their roots and have been here ever since.

The word ‘Bohra’ comes from a Gujarati word ‘Vahorau’, meaning businessmen.

According to the popular belief, they don’t go to Masjids (Mosques) but Mazars only, which is the biggest difference between other Muslim castes and Bohras.

As the Indian society and the number of Bohras in India increased the leaders shifted their capital from Yemen to Siddhpur in India in the year 1539. There was a clash between two then major leaders of Bohras, namely, Dawood-Bin-Qutub-Shah and Sulaiman, as a result of which Bohra community further divided into two groups, Dawoodi Bohras and Sulaimani Bohras. However, they don’t have major differences in their practices.

Bohra community is considered to be one of the wealthiest, polite, peace-loving and educated community of India, they truly believe in loving and sharing, and better done than said they have they have huge kitchens all over the world called as ‘Common Kitchens’ that supplies food to the poor who can not afford it, Bohra Community has also started a scheme under which they provide loans to the poor so that they can get stable and further help others.

Many Hindu rituals can also be seen as a part of their culture, since we embrace every religion in it’s truest form, all of us together make India what it is.

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